Using UPCs for Barcode Scanners

For roughly the last ten years FSI has been selling RX Scan brand bar code scanners for quick drug scanning and NDC verification, and they have been a good solution to a need.  Those bar code scanners are capable of reading UPC bar codes and converting them to NDC codes.

However, due to recent change in RX Scan‘s approach to purchase agreement enforcement we are no longer selling any new RX Scan brand scanners.  The new scanners will not convert the UPC to NDC codes, but will only scan the UPCs as they are found on the drug bottles.

The FSI system stores both NDCs and UPCs as seen here.

The FSI system stores both NDCs and UPCs as seen here.

Fortunately this should not negatively impact your pharmacy, as NDCs and UPCs can both be stored in your drug records, and can be used nearly interchangeably in the system in the following ways.

  1. Selecting Drugs during Drug Searches
  2. Verifying Drugs during NDC/UPC Verification in the Workflow System
  3. Recalling Drug records for review and amendments

The only change that needs to take place within your software is to load all available UPC codes into your drug records.  This will take place automatically in the future during your semi-monthly drug price updates.  But if you want a jump start give our tech support team a call and we can load them onto your system today.