SureScripts Digital Signatures


We have been issued the certificate ensuring that our software is compliant with DEA regulations, and we can now install this on any customer.  Feel free to contact our support office to get set up for “Non-Signed” controlled substance SureScripts.

In order for the FSI system to handle E-Prescriptions through SureScripts, we have been required to pass a certification process with a DEA auditor. The original certification that was handled a few months back was for 95% of the process to handle controlled substances.  The 5% was left out because we had been laboring under the false impression that a certain segment of the communication would be passed through to us for every prescription, but as it turns out is not.  That 5% was for E-Prescriptions transmitted without a “digital signature”.

Therefore in order for us fully handle E-Prescriptions through SureScripts, we are under the obligation to finish another certification process.  Once completed, we will be fully capable of handling any valid controlled substance prescription through the SureScripts interface.

The expected completion date is 9/3/2014.

UPDATE Aug 27 10:30AM

We have completed the initial review, and are now waiting for our auditor’s certification board to respond to us with their analysis.