Tips and Reminders #4 – Other “Control” Functions

Our customers are a wide range of users; they range from owner-operators that have used the FSI system since the 1980s, to fill-in pharmacists that are using the system for the first time.  Both sides of that spectrum are often unaware of all the functionality that the FSI system has to offer, and when talking to our support technicians are surprised to find that functions they’ve always wanted have been lurking in the system but never knew were there.

In these series of posts we’re going to address some of the lesser known but quite useful functions available to you and your employees right now, but may not be aware of.


The “Main Menu” is the hub of your pharmacy operations.  You probably return to it several hundred times of day.  To get to the main menu from nearly anywhere in the software, you can either hit F1 repeatedly until you see the main menu, or you can hit Ctrl-B once.  Ctrl-B is inhibited at certain sensitive areas of the system, but the majority of screens have it available so that you’re just one step away from the main menu.


Ctrl-D will enter in the current date in mm/dd/yy format.  This is largely in use in the “Long Patient Notes” for marking specific dates to a note related to the patient, but can be used anywhere in the system where you need to enter the date into a text field.



Ctrl-C is actually an operating system function that will kill the process that is currently running in your session.  What this means to you as an FSI user is that if you ever need to quickly log out of the Pharmacy Management software for any reason, you can hit Ctrl-C and it will kick you entirely out to an operating command prompt.  Depending on your configuration, you may need to do this for us to walk you through “command line” procedures to solve some of your more significant problems.