SIGIS Changes for HSA/FSA Eligibility

Customers using our Point of Sale system have received messages informing them that they need to do comply with new configuration needs for the SIGIS Eligible Product List.  This list is required to keep your item file up to date on which items are FSA/HSA approved, and which are not.

Failure to comply could result in some form of punishment from the state, or possibly in an audit.

The steps involved in the process of moving to their new format is listed in the letter below:

Earlier this year, SIGIS provided notice that it would be changing automated access to the Eligible Product List from FTP to SFTP download.  This change provides both the members and SIGIS a more secure connection for list access. The deadline for this conversion was 12/8/2014.

You are receiving this email because your company has accessed the old FTP site in the last 30 days and has not completed set up on the new site.  AS A ONE TIME EXTENSION, WE ARE EXTENDING THE CONVERSION DATE TO 1/9/2015.

What you will need to do:

  • You received an email with your specific account login information and next steps.  That email instructed you on how to complete a new End User License Agreement and to upload your public key.

NOTE: There has been a new enhancement that will allow you to select your authentication method.  You can now authenticate by “username and password” or by “username and key”.

  • Once the account is set up, test the account access.

You have until 1/9/2015 to switch your access over to the SFTP access.  After that date, the old FTP site will be shut down and you will only be able to access the EPL list manually via the members portal.

If you have any questions, please contact our help desk at or 925-855-3228.