How to do a backup

These steps are accurate as of January 16, 2015.

It is the recommendation of Foundation Systems, Inc. that every pharmacy does a backup every night on-site. This would be in addition to our Internet Backup add-on if that has been purchased. The Internet Backup is only meant to be used in case of a fire, theft, or other loss of on-site backups. On-site backups are quicker and easier to restore from than the Internet Backup.

If you are backing up to volatile storage, meaning a storage type that can be erased by any means, it is also our recommendation that you do a non-volatile backup every week or every month. This would normally be done to a CD-R or DVD-R. These two types of discs are a one-time write storage location, once data is put on it, it cannot be erased. And CD’s and DVD’s degrade much much slower than USB sticks, tapes, or hot-swap hard drives.

Valid destinations of backups are CD-Rs / CD-RWs, DVD-R / DVD-RWs, USB sticks / thumb drives, hot-swap hard drives, data tapes, network storage locations accessible by NFS, FTP or Samba / Windows share. Destinations that are network storage of any kind is not officially supported by FSI but we have made backup programs that use these destinations and we can configure them. Because these network storage destinations are not usually monitored, maintained, or otherwise accessible by FSI or by the pharmacy staff, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these backups and should only be used as a secondary backup.

1. Ensure your server is configured to do such a backup

From the main menu of the pharmacy management system press ‘B. Backup Utility’ then ‘4. Backup Configuration’. If the primary field is empty, it is not configured; please stop here and call our support team for help.

2. Put backup media in place if needed for the backup you wish to perform

If you are doing a backup to a removable media, please insert that media now. This can be a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, a data tape, or a USB stick (aka a thumb drive).

3. Begin backup command

From the main menu of the pharmacy management system press ‘B. Backup Utility’, then ‘1. Perform Backup’, then either ‘1’ or ‘2’ depending on which backup you are going to do. You will be asked to confirm

4. If problems occur, call our support staff as soon as possible