15.005 Client Update Notes

This update has some pretty major enhancements to it that customers have been asking for!

Most of these enhancements haven’t yet been implemented in the pharmacy system; this will take time, thank you for your patience.

  • Added support for scrolling list box
    • Touch screen scroll gestures work
    • Scrolling with a mouse work as long as the pointer is within the list box you wish to scroll
    • The area that is scroll-able will have a small drop-shadow around it, similar to buttons, menus, and fields
  • Added ability to zoom in & out, pan, and rotate images when viewing images in their own window (done by clicking on the image)
    • Touch screen controls (dragging & pinch to zoom) work
    • Scroll commands from a mouse cause zooming to happen when mouse is within the image window
    • Rotation is done by buttons at the top of the image window
    • Saving an image does not save any zooming, panning or rotating done within the window
  • Fixed printing images
    • Printed images will maintain any rotation done within the window
    • Images will be auto sized to fit the full paper printed on
  • Added ability to download files from and upload files to FSI server via SFTP (secure, encrypted FTP)
  • Fixed timeouts and other issues when downloading files from the FSI server via HTTP
  • Fixed ‘URI cannot be null’ messages when viewing older web-based verification.
  • Support for using bulk licenses (15+ licenses purchased at once)