California Label Requirements

As of April 1st 2015, pharmacies within the state of California will be required by the state to follow new rules about font sizes and font styles used on the prescription labels.

According to California Code of Regulations Section 1707.5 of Title 16, item a1, the following items are required to be in 12 point font size and use a font that does not have serifs, also known as sans-serif:

  • Name of the patient.
  • Name of the drug and strength of the drug. For the purposes of this section, “name of the drug” means either the manufacturer’s trade name of the drug or the generic name and the name of the manufacturer.
  • The directions for the use of the drug.
  • The condition or purpose for which the drug was prescribed if the condition or purpose is indicated on the prescription.

For laser labels, we support Serif & Sans-Serif using the following font styles: Times Roman has serifs, Universe does not have serifs. These are the two font styles our laser label system supports. If you use a laser label, make sure these four items print on the label in at least 12 point font size and set them to use the Universe font style.

For zebra labels, we only support Sans-Serif using the Universe font style. Zebra labels do not use traditional font sizes and so to select a font size that is equivalent to 12 point font size, you must set the print size to at least 6.6. Because Zebras do not use traditional font sizes, we recommend using slightly larger font sizes on zebra labels to ensure compliance with the law. We recommend using print sizes of 6.8 or 7. Print size of 6.6 is as tall as 12 point font size but is not quite as wide, hence the concern. After the April 1st update, users will be able to change the zebra label system to use traditional point font sizes instead of zebra’s print size. This will be located in the Offset / General setup for zebra label maintenance; you will set the option to ‘P’ to select the use of traditional point font sizes.

Califoria Label Requirements

Califoria Label Requirements