Utah Pickup ID Qualifier

***The Utah prescription drug monitoring program is now requiring that all pharmacies are reporting the type of identification used by a patient to pick up controlled substance prescriptions, as well as the numbers contained on that identification. ***  This field is referred to as the “Pickup ID Qualifier” within FSI.

The field is highlighted in the image below.



There are 3 main codes that will be used for this qualifier
01- Indicates that the ID used is a Military Id.
02- Indicates that the ID used is a State Id.
03- Indicates that the ID used is a Unique System Id.
04- Indicates that the ID used is a Green Card
05- Indicates that the ID used is a Passport
06- Indicates that the ID used is a Drivers License.
07-Indicates that the ID used is a Social Security Number
08- Indicates that the ID used is a Tribal Id
99- Indicates that the ID used is a Other

If you attempt to log a pickup and the qualifier field is not present, the steps below will show you how to get that field to appear.

*Point Of Sale*
Call the FSI support office, (801-785-7720), and have them help you pickup a new “pssales.zip” on your Point of Sales. Once this file is picked up the qualifier field will then appear on the Point of Sale.

3- Utility Programs
1- Utilities Menu #2
N- System Configuration
1- Software Options

Within Software Options, you want to press ENTER until you get to the page titled “Pickup/Verify Functions, (Page 9 or 10 depending on your system).  Populate the field “Ctrl Sub Pickup Requires ID Qual” with a “Y”.

id wual

Once this field is populated, it will appear on all pickup screens and the qualifier will automatically be transmitted with your Control Substance Report.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, feel free to call our support office 1-(801)-785-7720.