Client Update 15.012 Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows will no longer show off-screen. This will resolve times where clicking on an image will not show the image window.
  • Worked around a bug in Java 8 versions older than update 60 that caused issues with drop-down lists on computers with touchscreen monitors.
  • Upgraded to newer SSH library for enhanced security and performance.


  • Save¬†Screen & Print Screen from within the client now works! Find these under the ‘General’ tab or by pressing Shift+Print Screen or Alt+Print Screen, respectively. These differ from the normal print screen command (Ctrl+P three times) in that these will include all colors and the selected font.
    • Please be careful when printing or saving screens as there may be PHI in them.
  • New option in Settings to set if Save/Print Screen commands include the non-console portion of the client’s window; it is called ‘Capture Console Only’

* –¬†This will require an update to the Pharmacy Management System before the enhancement will be visible or take place.