Shipping Module Available

You can now create shipment labels for prescriptions directly within our Pharmacy Management System! The system will record the tracking # and shipping provider with the prescription, in place of pickup information. Tracking of packages can be done by script #, no need to remember the 15+ digit long tracking number!

As of December 23, 2015 the only provider we currently support is Endicia, which provides US Postal Service (USPS).

All labels printed by our module must be printed to a ZPL-II compatible Zebra printer onto 6″ x 4″ (h x w) labels. We do sell compatible printers and labels!

Endicia does require an Encidia account which requires a monthly fee plus price of postage. The account must be created specifically for use with our module; already existing accounts are likely ineligible to used by our module. To create a compatible Endicia account click here.

Call our sales office to order the shipping module or see a demo of it!