SIG-IS Eligible Product List Access

If your pharmacy qualifies as a 90% rule merchant, you do not need access to the Eligible Product List as you do not need to differentiate between qualified and non-qualified items.

If your pharmacy does not quality as a 90% rule merchant and wish to use our software to accept payment cards, you will need to use our Point of Sale system. Our Pharmacy Cash Register system does not have an item file and so cannot differentiate between qualified and non-qualified items.

The Eligible Product List (EPL) is the list of items that are deemed qualified by SIG-IS and/or the IRS to be allowed to be paid for by FSA / HSA cards. Prescriptions are always a qualified item. They have provided an electronic list of items based on UPC codes that are and are not qualified. According the SIG-IS the recommend frequency to pickup and apply this item file is monthly but you can do so more often. It is a requirement that the item file be downloaded and applied at least monthly.

To receive access to the EPL file, email SIG-IS at with the following information:

  • Subject Line: Eligible Product List Access
  • Body: We’re a merchant looking to accept IIAS cards. We are a SIGIS tier <enter your tier #> member. We are requesting access to the file via SFTP in a Pipe-Delimited format.
  • Also provide the following information in the body: Pharmacy / Merchant Name, Address, Phone #, and Email Address
  • And finally also specify a username you would like to use for access. We recommend that the username be ‘fsi’ + the pharmacy’s (or primary location’s) NPI number.


Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with your username and password. Please call our support team for help entering this information into the Point of Sale system.


To Pickup and Apply the latest EPL manually, do the following:

  • Pickup File: 2-5-B-1
  • Apply File: 2-5-B-2