SIG-IS Membership Registration

Regardless of who your Credit Card Processor is or if you qualify as a 90% rule pharmacy or not, you need to register with SIG-IS to successfully charge FSA/HRA Cards. Upon successful certification and registration, you will be assigned a MVV and MCID which are used to charge FSA/HRA Cards. The entire registration is a couple steps though not very time consuming; as always, our support team is available to help you through this process.

This sheet will provide help in successfully registering to be a SIG-IS Member. Please note that any charges by SIG-IS are done without any affiliation with Foundation Systems, Inc. As of December 15, 2015 the SIG-IS Registration and Membership fee for Tier IV membership is $100 annually, first being paid within 30 days of being fully certified and is again charged every year in the month of first certification.

To apply for SIG-IS membership, go to and click Online Membership Application.
Here are a couple helpful pieces of information for filling out the membership form:

  • Primary Contact – Usually the head pharmacist or manager; this will be used for non-legal matters
  • Notice Person’s Name – Generally owner’s information; this is used by the IRS as the legal contact concerning SIG-IS
  • Billing Contact – who will be contacted when it is time for membership renewal
  • Alternate Contact – An alternative person to the primary contact
  • Type of Business – select Merchant / Retailer
  • Category of Membership – nearly all single-location pharmacies / business will be Tier IV (4). Some large chain stores may want to look into Tier 3 or Tier 2.