SIG-IS Setup for POS & PCR

This is the 4th and final step for billing FSA / HSA cards through our Point of Sale or Pharmacy Cash Register systems. At this point, you should have done the following:

  1. You registered as a SIG-IS member, usually as a Tier 4 merchant.
  2. You completed the TPS Client Merchant Form and have been notified of your final certification.
  3. You received access to the Eligible Product List (if you are not a 90% qualified merchant).

To allow processing FSA / HSA cards through the Point of Sale or Pharmacy Cash Register systems, do the following from the main menu:

  1. 2-6-Enter to Page 6.
  2. Put a ‘Y’ in the ‘IRS FSA Cards’ field under theĀ Payment Types Allowed.
  3. Type ‘YES’ in the ‘Save Changes’ field at the bottom of the screen.

Now when you end a transaction in Sales Processing, you will be given a new payment method type of ‘7 – I – IRS / FSA Card’ to choose. Processing a FSA / HSA card is nearly identical to a Debit card without the need of entering in a PIN number. This new payment method is also available for returns. This option is only visible on Point of Sale if a qualified item is being sold; remember, prescriptions are always a qualified item.

You can accept FSA / HSA payment for qualified items and other payment methods of non-qualified items without the need of doing two different sales transactions. Please be aware that you must process any charges to FSA / HSA cards before any other transaction types.

Congratulations! You are now ready to accept FSA / HSA cards!