Client Update 16.000 Notes

With this update, you will be ready for the Client-ready version of the Point of Sale system that should be available this fall. If you’re interested in testing the new version of the Point of Sale, please talk to our support team!

The Client-ready version of Point of Sale includes larger screen sizes, giving more information, as well as support for touch screen monitors & using smaller 2nd monitors in place of pole displays. Talk to our sales team for further details on these and other features!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed main window position saving and restoring (including maximized or not)
  • Fixed font-scaling issues
  • Fixed ‘null’ errors in certain circumstances
  • Fixed some popup windows showing behind other popup windows
  • Fixed printer names not resetting to local printer names while not running an FSHPAL program
  • Fixed many other small bugs & added better descriptions of errors


  • Made the error message window more useful / descriptive.
  • Will now also save & restore if tabs were hidden or if in full-screen mode
    • If you wish to save a client as both hidden tabs and in full-screen mode, press Ctrl-S to save it and Alt-F4 to exit.