Mar 1, 2017 Update Notes

FSI has received the HL7 specification for 'CAIR'.

Until development and test is complete for this data export, you will need to
enter immunization data on 'CAIR's website.  

The inability of FSI software to generate HL7 data formatted to their
specification at this time should not prevent you from entering that data on
their website.

When filling out the registration form, indicate your EMR/EHR software is not
certified and cannot send HL7 formatted data (at this time).  The
certification very likely pertains to transmitting this immunization data

This development may require 2 to 3 months.
Thank you for your patience.

** IN PREPARATION for data export, set up the following:
     Enter an immunization item as a DRUG RECORD. On the <F2> screen:
          - Set the DRUG SPECIAL CASE to 'IMMU'
          - Set the DRUG ADMIN ROUTE to INJ (injection) or ORA (oral)
            as appropriate.
     Enter SIG CODES that identify adminstration routes and sites.
          For example:
              LD - Left Deltoid
              RD - Right Deltoid
              LT - Left Thigh
              RT - Right Thigh
           etc, etc.
     IF you already have administration sites entered in SIG MAINTENANCE,
     that will be sufficient.  They do NOT need to follow the few 
     examples above.


01 Mar 17 software changes (132x42) 

No notable software changes.


01 Mar 17 software changes 

No notable software changes.

Thank you, and have a nice day.