June 20, 2017 CoverMyMeds Hardware Failure

Starting at 3:17pm ET yesterday (6/20), CoverMyMeds experienced hardware failure, which affected all of our services and applications. We devoted all of our resources to resolve the issue, and our services returned to normal at 12:10am ET this morning.

During the time our services were affected, CoverMyMeds was unable to accept, create or send any PA requests. Users attempting to create a PA request during this time would have received an error message.

In order to ensure PA requests from yesterday are completed, we recommend sending a notification to your stores encouraging them to re-submit any PA requests attempted during the impacted timeframe (3:17pm ET – 12:10am ET). Our duplication logic will prevent any PA request that was started and sent successfully from being sent again.

While our services have returned to normal, we will continue to closely monitor performance and alert you if we expect any issues.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.