Cardinal SFTP Outage – Aug 26-27, 2017

Cardinal will have a transmission outage for a scheduled time of two and a half hours the night of August 26.  From 11:45 PM to 2:15 AM EDT.  We don’t expect this to impact any of our customers, as it is unlikely for you to be transmitting orders at that time.

Any normal files will be made available outside that window.

The following is the communication from Cardinal Health:


Dear valued Partner,

This is to inform you that Enterprise maintenance is scheduled that will result in an outage affecting an application you utilize with Cardinal Health.


  • Application:  SFTP
  • Environment:  PROD
  • Implementation Date: August 26-27, 2017
  • Outage: Yes. 2.5 hours between 23:45 and 02:15 EDT.


Anticipated Impacts


  • Minimal.  We have confirmed that, historically, traffic during the above noted outage timeframe is marginal.  Partners may experience problems while trying to connect to the above noted application during the stated outage.


Please note that, due to the outage duration, it is to be expected that connection attempts to this application by external Partners will likely fail requiring the sending party to reprocess after the outage window.  Internally – all outbound documents will queue and will be processed following the outage.


What we need from you


  • Health Check.  Based on the anticipated impacts listed above, we would advise a representative from your area to conduct a health check of your application(s) with respect to the above indicated application undergoing.  This would be limited to ensuring any failed documents are reprocessed after the stated outage window.