Sep 9, 2017 Scheduled McKesson Processing Interruption

McKesson has informed FSI that a processing outage will occur on Sep 9, 2017 at 10pm Central time lasting until 1am the next morning.

The following is their announcement:

During our weekly scheduled maintenance window this weekend, several servers will need to be brought down to apply patches to their operating system.  There may be periods during the maintenance window when connectivity via AS2 and FTP/SFTP will be interrupted.  Please monitor your communications during this time period and reprocess any failed transmissions that you detect.


Maintenance is scheduled between 10pm Central Saturday, September 9 and 1am Central, Sunday September 10.


It is anticipated that the maintenance will not require the full window of time, but that would be the period to monitor your communications with McKesson closely for any failures and then reprocess after the maintenance window.

If you have any outages during that time frame, feel free to contact the EDI department at McKesson, or contact FSI at our support number: (801) 785-7720