Android Signature Pad


The Android Signature Pad app allows for the capture of signatures, both HIPAA and pickup/prescription signatures, at the time of delivery!

Please see the Google Play Store listing for more information.

Android App Permissions Policy

The app requires the following Android OS permissions:

  • Access Network State
  • Access WiFi State
  • Read Phone State
  • Internet

Access Network State and WiFi State are required for the app to know if the device is currently connected to the pharmacy's local WiFi network or not. This allows the app to more intelligently communicate with the FSI server based on it's currently connected network.

Read Phone State is needed to register the device with the FSI server using the device's built-in ID.

The Internet permission allows the device to communicate with the FSI server.

Android App Privacy Policy

Foundation Systems, Inc. (FSI) does not collect any private information concerning the patients, drugs, or prescriptions processed or handled in this application. FSI does collect basic usage numbers to better understand how to improve and enhance the app for our customers' needs; this basic information is strictly counts of prescriptions on devices, signatures captured, and signatures uploaded back to the FSI Pharmacy Management System. The information collected is strictly unanimous and can in no way identify patients, drugs, doctors, pharmacists, technicians or other individuals or the business(es) the individuals work for or interact with.

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