Program Requests

We strive to provide useful software for a wide range of needs for pharmacies. If you come across an idea of something that may be useful for your pharmacy, please contact our support team and we’ll gladly see what we can do to meet your needs! We’ve made 100’s of program changes and enhancements over the decades at the request of our customers! Custom interfaces with other software is also available.

Some people may have noticed the removal of the Program Request Form from this website. We would prefer to have a conversation over the phone about the request prior to receiving the written form. This helps us better understand what is being requested and to help manage requests that are made.

Please understand that some requests may require additional costs, either upfront or on-going, as more complicated development. Custom development can also take time. When a request is accepted, you will be provided a time table of when to expect your request to be made.

Program Request Form

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