FSI Client Bugs and Suggestions

While the intention of the Java Client is for it to be perfect, it may fall short at times.  We’d like to be made aware of those times (few as we hope they may be) through an email.

We’ll classify these communications in two different ways; Bug Reports and Enhancement Suggestions.


Bug Reports

When the program does anything unexpected, such as a weird screen display problem or a total freezing up and failure, we’d like to know as much as possible about it.  Please write us an email with as much detail as possible.  Screenshots are very helpful as well.  Feel free to fill it with as many attachments as those will assist us in fixing the problem.

One thing we’d ask is that before you submit the bug that you make sure your client and your JRE (java installation) is up to date.

Send reports to:

support@fsi.us.com – with a subject line that says “Client Bug Report” and with any contact information you want us to have.

Enhancement Suggestions

If there’s functionality that you’d like for the software that you feel would be beneficial to your pharmacy specifically or to all our customers feel free to let us know.  If the need for it is made known to us and we can implement it in a way that would work for all our customers, we may very well include it in the software.

Send enhancement suggestions to:

support@fsi.us.com – with a subject line that says “Client Enhancement” and with any contact information you want us to have

The short URL of this page is: https://help.fsi.us.com/clientbugs