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How to Transfer Prescriptions

KEYSTROKES *** Pull up the Rx that you wish to Transfer *** 7. Xfer Remain’g Refs. You will come to the screen below. You will now need to populate the appropriate values in each field. In the field “Transfer Remaining Refills” you will put “TO” if you are Transferring OUT a Rx, and you will […]

How to UPDATE an ITEM on Point of Sale

Keystrokes 2. File Maintenance 5. Item Maintenance 2. Amend an Item Once you have completed the keystrokes above, you will be brought to this screen. From here, Enter the Name of the Item or Scan the Item’s UPC Code. This will bring up the Item’s Profile. (Example shown below). There are 3 pages total to […]

How to Reset a Printer

Common Issues a Reset Can Fix – Printer was printing and has stopped suddenly – Printer is printing weird characters – Printer is printing offset Keystrokes 3- Utility Programs K- System Config Utilities 3- Reset Printer(s) 1- Reset By Port Number Once you reach this screen you select the printer you wish to reset. (“A” […]

SIGIS Setup Instructions

SIGIS Eligibility List In order to properly charge FSA/HSA credit cards, customers using the FSI Point of Sale system need to keep their item records current with regards to FSA eligibility.  This list is maintained and provided by a group called SIGIS, and the list must be downloaded and applied to the POS item file regularly. […]

Utah Pickup ID Qualifier

***The Utah prescription drug monitoring program is now requiring that all pharmacies are reporting the type of identification used by a patient to pick up controlled substance prescriptions, as well as the numbers contained on that identification. ***  This field is referred to as the “Pickup ID Qualifier” within FSI. The field is highlighted in […]

Script Origin By Letter

There are many places within the FSI System that we use letters as a way to quickly identify information for a script. This “HOW TO”, will give you a key for the scripts origin. The letter will be placed before the Doctor’s name. The image below is an example of a screen you will see. […]

P.O.S End of Day

From the Main Menu of Retail POS System Keystrokes 3- Period Processing 1- Daily Processing DO ANY OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 3- Cash Reconciliation- Select register or “A” for all. This lists CASH ONLY transactions for selected register or all registers. 4- Check Reconciliation- Select Register or “A” for all. This lists CHECK ONLY […]

How to Pickup Drug Information

KEYSTROKES From the main menu of the Pharmacy Management System. 3. Utility Programs 3. Drug Maintenance D. Drug Information The previous keystrokes will bring you to the screen below. There are 2 steps in retrieving drug information. 2. Add Drug to Request File and 4. Transmit Request/Retrieve Response File. FIRST You will select 2. Add […]