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SIG-IS Setup for POS & PCR

This is the 4th and final step for billing FSA / HSA cards through our Point of Sale or Pharmacy Cash Register systems. At this point, you should have done the following: You registered as a SIG-IS member, usually as a Tier 4 merchant. You completed the TPS Client Merchant Form and have been notified […]

SIG-IS Eligible Product List Access

If your pharmacy qualifies as a 90% rule merchant, you do not need access to the Eligible Product List as you do not need to differentiate between qualified and non-qualified items. If your pharmacy does not quality as a 90% rule merchant and wish to use our software to accept payment cards, you will need […]

SIG-IS TPS Client Merchant Form Help

The following information is provided only to help our customers become SIG-IS certified as a non-90% rule pharmacy using our Point of Sale or Pharmacy Cash Register software. Though we strive to keep this information as accurate as possible, we highly recommend customers read the entirety of the merchant form before starting to fill it […]

SIG-IS Membership Registration

Regardless of who your Credit Card Processor is or if you qualify as a 90% rule pharmacy or not, you need to register with SIG-IS to successfully charge FSA/HRA Cards. Upon successful certification and registration, you will be assigned a MVV and MCID which are used to charge FSA/HRA Cards. The entire registration is a […]

Summary of SIG-IS

Starting July 1st 2009 customers who would like to have their medical expenses charged to their FSA1 account, they must purchase the items using a card instead of submitting their receipt for reimbursement after the fact. This change has been made by the IRS and they have given SIG-IS the contract to become the middle-man […]

How to UPDATE an ITEM on Point of Sale

Keystrokes 2. File Maintenance 5. Item Maintenance 2. Amend an Item Once you have completed the keystrokes above, you will be brought to this screen. From here, Enter the Name of the Item or Scan the Item’s UPC Code. This will bring up the Item’s Profile. (Example shown below). There are 3 pages total to […]

SIGIS Setup Instructions

SIGIS Eligibility List In order to properly charge FSA/HSA credit cards, customers using the FSI Point of Sale system need to keep their item records current with regards to FSA eligibility.  This list is maintained and provided by a group called SIGIS, and the list must be downloaded and applied to the POS item file regularly. […]

P.O.S End of Day

From the Main Menu of Retail POS System Keystrokes 3- Period Processing 1- Daily Processing DO ANY OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 3- Cash Reconciliation- Select register or “A” for all. This lists CASH ONLY transactions for selected register or all registers. 4- Check Reconciliation- Select Register or “A” for all. This lists CHECK ONLY […]