These manuals give in depth information with regards to the software available and the options they present. Keep in mind that they are over 5 years out of date, and will not necessarily be up to date with the most recent iterations of the FSI software.

Documentation about the initial setup, configuration, and continued use of servers and other hardware provided by Foundation Systems, Inc. This can include instructions from within the Pharmacy Management System but has more to do with the operation of the server and hardware than the use of the Pharmacy Management System.

We have several PDFs available for basic functions covering such operations as Insurance amendments and the Workflow System.

Live trainings held by the FSI support staff will be taking place on the last Friday of every month.  The topic will be set and displayed on the support team event schedule available on this website.  The Webinar trainings are an opportunity to see options in the FSI system that may help you in your day to day functions.

The FSI YouTube Channel has every training video recorded so far, and will be where all new training videos will be posted.  Subscribing to the channel will help alert you to new videos when they become available.  Video postings will be regularly available on the first Monday of every month, with supplemental videos posted on irregular intervals between them.

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